2019 Campaign Launches in April. Most walks are September 7 and 8.


Participant and Registration Types

SuperStar Fundraisers

SuperStar and SuperStar Supreme Fundraisers are some of the most successful fundraisers in Canada. This select group forms our "SuperStar Club" and has a significant impact on the lives of Canadians living with Parkinson's.

Raise $1,000+ to be a SuperStar Walker

Raise $2,500+ to be a SuperStar Walker Supreme

Individual Walker

Individual walkers are all Parkinson Canada SuperWalk participants who are not part of a team. Register here to start fundraising today.

Virtual Walker

Virtual walkers are participants who are unable to attend a walk, either because there is not one available in their community, they are not available on the weekend of the walk, or can't attend for any number of reasons. If you are still interested in fundraising for Parkinson Canada SuperWalk, but unable to attend, this registration type is for you. A virtual walker can be both a team member and individual walker. Register online and fundraise as a Virtual Walker to support the event without a attending.


Team Captains are participants who make a personal impact through fundraising and involve their friends, family, co-workers and others in the process by inviting them to the walk as team members. These leaders help the walk reach its fundraising and recruitment goals. Register today and start a team!

For more information on Parkinson Canada SuperWalk in your area, contact us.