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Fundraising Concierge

Meet Alejandro, Your Online Fundraising Concierge

We are here to support your fundraising success! Specifically, Alejandro Alas, our Online Fundraising Concierge is here to help as part of a committed team working on Parkinson Canada SuperWalk.

You can reach him by email at; phone at 800-565-3000 (extension 3392) and by using the chat button found on the lower left hand corner of your screen.

Alejandro receives questions from all parts of the country on a variety of subjects, and he's always there to help. Perhaps the easiest question is: what should people do if they're looking for help or information?

Call me! At 800-565-3000 ext. 3392, or send an email to, I'm by the phone 8-4PM; Eastern Time and monitor my email inbox regularly. If I miss your call, you can count on a call back.

I find the range of questions that come in interesting... some are very technical, while some are just looking for information, and others still want to know about the value of their donation. Just remember I'm only a phone call away.


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An interview with June Benaschak on overcoming fundraising barriers

For a detailed walk through, check out our fundraising tips page which will help with getting started, and managing your full campaign.

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Fundraising Tips

Here are some great tips to help you to fundraise for Parkinson SuperWalk.

  • Register online and collect donations online. This is the easiest and most cost effective way to fundraise. In addition, when your donors enter their information the tax receipt is immediately processed and sent to their email address, saving time and money!
  • Set a fundraising goal that works for you.
  • Sponsor yourself first to get the ball rolling. When your friends and family see your donation and commitment, they will be more willing and may match or surpass your donation amount.
  • Approach local businesses in your area to see if they will sponsor you. And don’t be shy about asking people you hire for services throughout the year, such as your dentist, dog walker or lawn care company. Check out more Fundraising ideas, below.

For more tips, download our handy guide here.


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