About Parkinson Canada

Parkinson Canada is the national voice of Canadians living with Parkinson’s and all other types of Parkinsonism.

  • Our mission is to ease the burden and find a cure through advocacy, education, research and support services.
  • Our vision is a better life with a brighter future for Canadians living with Parkinson’s today. A world without Parkinson’s tomorrow.

Parkinson Canada is the only national charity supporting Canadians living with Parkinson’s disease. It is the first place anyone, anywhere in Canada can turn when faced with a life changing diagnosis. Currently, some 100,000 Canadians live with Parkinson’s with 400,000 care partners, spouses and close family member impacted.

The need for Parkinson Canada services is only increasing. 25 Canadians are diagnosed with Parkinson’s every day, and the number of Canadians diagnosed with Parkinson’s is expected to double by 2031.


Scientific excellence and the courage to test new ideas are vital in the global quest for better treatments and in finding a cure for the disease. Since 1981, Parkinson Canada has invested more than $26 million into research through the Parkinson Canada Research Program. This has led to the funding of more than 483 awards, fellowships, grants, and specialized medical training for doctors in the diagnosis and management of the disease, helping to meet the growing need. Parkinson Canada is the largest non-Government funder of Parkinson’s research in Canada.

Researchers working in Canada explore promising leads in the origin, progression and treatment of Parkinson’s to unlock the mysteries of the disease. With a focus on seed grants to support innovative research which can potentially lead to new findings and improve our understanding of the causes, progression, and complications of Parkinson’s disease, and how to treat it, our research approach is serving to advance collective knowledge - while continuing to search for the elusive cure.


Education is a core priority when armed with accurate information and knowledge it enables individuals to advocate for themselves and make informed decisions about their medical care. This improves the quality of life for Canadians living with Parkinson’s disease.

Efforts are focused in two areas:

  • Public Education: empowering Canadians with Parkinson’s and their caregivers to make informed decisions regarding treatment and care by providing a wide range of educational resources online, in print, and through informational webinars or workshops.
  • Professional Education: supporting healthcare professionals in their clinical practices by providing specialized resources and continuing education opportunities to improve the support, care and management of people living with Parkinson’s. A specialized website for healthcare professionals, provides access to content and up to date information and resources validated by leading Parkinson’s experts in Canada.

Each year, new professional education opportunities are offered by Parkinson Canada through our online webinars and specialized workshops at conferences, which train healthcare professionals to use the Canadian Guidelines on Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson Canada facilitated the development of the Guidelines to improve the standard of care and access of care for individuals with Parkinson’s. The guidelines also provide health care professionals a clear understanding on how to best manage the disease. With increased knowledge about Parkinson’s physicians can make early referrals to specialists.


Improving the lives of Canadians living with Parkinson’s is a constant motivator guiding Parkinson Canadaadvocacy efforts. Each day with your support we are working to drive policy changes on important issues like:

  • ensuring timely access to affordable and effective therapies and health services;
  • providing support for caregivers through education and respite;
  • protecting Canadians from genetic discrimination by employers and/or the insurance industry;
  • protecting people affected by Parkinson’s from poverty;
  • increasing funding for research to accelerate and target investment in neuroscience and Parkinson’s research in order to improve treatments and help find a cure.

We actively work with volunteers, national healthcare organizations, coalitions and global partners. Together we ensure the interests of the Parkinson’s community are represented as a public policy priority to governments across Canada.

Support Services

Parkinson Canada provides a toll-free National Information and Referral line where client services representatives have the knowledge, specialization and discretion to address each person’s unique circumstances and concerns in a confidential manner.

Individuals may also access resources and support services throughout Canada, whether they are diagnosed with the disease or they are a caregiver. Extensive print and online resources are provided in both English and French, with additional resources supplied in five other languages. National in scope and personal in impact, Parkinson Canada is melding the inherent power of each individual, foundation, corporation and organization to create an unstoppable force for change that will collectively improve the lives of individuals affected by Parkinson’s disease.

In communities throughout Canada, Community Development Coordinators and Volunteer leaders help to support an active network of Chapters and Support Groups ensuring that people living with Parkinson’s have access to peer support in their community wherever they live.

Learn more at www.parkinson.ca