By participating in Parkinson SuperWalk you have a direct impact on the lives of Canadians living with Parkinson’s.

Your fundraising fuels progress in support, advocacy and in research. Like the work of Dr. Michael Vesia. Dr. Vesia received a two year Basic Research Fellowship from the Parkinson Canada Research Program to study the differences between the brains of people living with Parkinson’s and those who are not. Ultimately, understanding these differences could lead to a way to improve the diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson’s. Says Vesia, who joined more than 800 participants at Parkinson SuperWalk Toronto last year, “By studying how these circuits [in someone’s brain] are modulated, we can investigate how different therapies may affect these circuits.”

Dr. Naomi Visanji's Story

I've been passionately involved with research in Parkinson's disease since studying for my PhD in London 14 years ago. However, in 2010 my mother's diagnosis with Parkinson's caused my interest in the disease to evolve drastically - my view of Parkinson's changed from that of an engaging and exciting scientific question into a much more personal issue. Seeing first-hand the challenges Parkinson's creates in patients living their everyday lives was a very humbling experience for me as a basic scientist. I strongly believe this fairly unique perspective has made me a better researcher.

I think it's important to know that the research community shares your acknowledgement that fundraising is essential to providing needed support services, education and advocacy on behalf of Canadians living with Parkinson's, and also to taking the next step toward discovering better treatments, information on causes of Parkinson's, and ultimately a cure.

Parkinson Society Canada not only provides important support services, education and advocacy, but also supports vital basic and clinical research into multiple aspects of Parkinson's disease. As both researcher and a caregiver I am extremely grateful for all that the Society does to improve services for people living with Parkinson's, while investing in research to further our understanding of this complex disease and improve future therapeutic options.

I strongly believe that through a shared commitment of researchers, patients and caregivers to the fight against Parkinson's and support of research, there is hope. Thank you for supporting the Parkinson SuperWalk and the great work of Parkinson Society!

Dr. Naomi Visanji

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