Event Ideas

Do you want to host an event in support of Parkinson Canada, but need some help deciding what kind? Here are some event ideas:

We don't want you to forget the easiest part of fundraising - just ask! Looking to kick up the heat under your fundraising? Here are a bunch of ideas we like. Use your creative edge, pick what works and get going!

Businesses Giving Back
Have a pub or a restaurant that you visit regularly? Talk to the manager about donating a portion of proceeds to your campaign. Plan a dinner with 25 of your closest friends and ask them to consider a 20% donation to the cause.

Auction of Promises
Promise to do helpful, wild, embarrassing or just plain fun activities and get them sponsored.

Beards, legs, backs - make it a party for all your friends and charge lots. Draw names for intrigue.

Treasure Hunt
Have a donated mystery prize at the end. A great Saturday activity.

Office Collection Day
Through lunch room, bulletin board and intranet promotion, drive people to your desk; offer chance to win you as a slave for every donation.

Sponsored Silence
How long can you keep quiet? Sell time- based sponsorships.

Use your memberships
Partner with existing organizations: Toastmasters, church group, fitness club, social committee at work - engage and generate sponsorships of your Life List dream.

Bring and Buy Garage Sale
Donate an item, buy an item fundraising day.

Baker’s Dozen Cookie Sale
Take advance orders and bake up a storm.

Pub Night Game-a-thon
Make a night of it with round robin Board game tournaments: Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, Snakes and Ladders, bridge…

Line dancing lessons
Find a teacher and hold a line-dancing event.

Spring clean a park
Have everyone bring garbage bags and rakes and do a green day event.

Car Trunk Sale
Fill your trunk with cool stuff, including donations, and drive to friends’ and family driveways.

Formal Tea Party
Tea, scones, little sandwiches... such a treat and great way to fundraise.

Slave auction
Auction yourself off for 8 hours of anything (well, almost!)

Run4Me Race
Hook onto an existing race and have runners raising money for your Life List Challenge.

Give Up A Vice
Get paid to stop chocolate, beer, fast food or loving. Time-based pricing makes it interesting.

Amateur Jazz Night
Get your musical friends and family together and have a contest for the best jazz interpretation voice, solo instrument or garage band versions.

Have a 50/50 raffle going throughout your fundraising period 50% goes to your campaign, one lucky winner gets the other 50%.

Jigsaw Marathon
Have a jigsaw puzzle race with good deed prizing and a keg to keep the night moving.

Lawn Mowing Weekend
Pull a team together, put flyers in mailboxes and swarm a neighbourhood’s lawns one Saturday.

Themed Dinner Party
Choose a crazy theme (50’s, Hollywood, casino, beach blanket) and hold a pot luck dinner party for your Life List dream.

Busk Your Talent
Whatever you are good at can raise money: office lunch room, pub night performance, someone’s house party. Modest to rich performance fees encouraged.

Movie Premiere Night
Cut a deal for a VIP cinema buyout and host a hotámovie premiere for family and friends.

Host a spring bike ride for your fundraising.

Keg Party and Barbeque
Hold a classic keg party and first-of-the-season barbeque.

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt
Hold a themed combo Easter Egg and Scavenger Hunt with teams of friends competing.

There's lots more where that come from...

  • “A-Thons” (walk, bike, bowl, drum, dance)
  • Dinner party
  • Dance party
  • Game night
  • Gala
  • Fashion Show
  • Karaoke party
  • Open mic night
  • Pancake breakfast
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Tournaments (golf, hockey, soccer, volleyball, dodgeball, eating)
  • Skating party