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Thank you though for putting on such a great event. Five years ago I could not have dreamed of doing what I did this past weekend. I am still feeling empowered, that I can deal with whatever my destiny will be. Challenging oneself to do things so far outside your comfort zone and having success is incredibly emotional and really empowering.

- Jill, from BC

The thanks all goes to you guys and your families for putting together such an inspiring event. Seriously, we all has such a wonderful time and feel even more so motivated in our work as a result! It was wonderful to meet you.

- Naomi, a Rider and Parkinson's Researcher

This past weekend was an incredible experience. We are still “flying high” and we want to be back next year.

- Emi and Daughter Mickey, from Toronto

This event is so well organized - I go in a fair number of races, but, I'm impressed with everything about this event from the level of organization to the impact. A great ride!

- Nancy, from Sudbury