Route Details

2019 Ride Routes will be confirmed in the Spring, as this is the first time a ride has been coordinated in Prince Edward County. Expect a finalized route to match the proposed distances below for each day. Please note that routes and distances are subject to change.

All routes start and end at

Mount Tabor Fairgrounds, 2179 COUNTY ROAD 17 C, Milford, ON K0K 2P0

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Riders can choose to ride 1, 2, or all 3 days

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Day 1
Friday, July 12th
6:30 am registration opens
7:15 am start

Day 2
Saturday, July 13th
6:30 am registration opens
7:15 am start

Day 3
Sunday, July 14th
6:30 am registration opens
7:15 am start

39 km
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105 km
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38 km
Strava Link | GPS Link 65 km
GPS Link
85 km
GPS Link
120 km
GPS Link

40 km
GPS Link
65 km
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90 km
GPS Link

Please visit this section of the website for any updates. All routes will be confirmed on the event day.


  • Routes are OPEN to vehicle traffic, please obey all rules of the road, red lights and stop signs.
  • You are responsible for your own safety
  • Wear a Helmet HELMETS ARE MANDATORY for all participants
  • Do not ride more than two abreast
  • The Ontario Highway Traffic Act applies equally to cyclists and motorists
  • Be courteous to motorists and other cyclists
  • Our safety is enhanced if we can minimize motorist frustration
  • Ensure your bike is tuned up and road-ready before the RIDE
  • Communicate your intention to pass other cyclists
  • Use caution on downhill sections
  • Please avoid use of cell phones and personal audio systems while cycling

Pedaling for Parkinson’s is a fun charity ride, with the emphasis on “fun”. While cycling on the roads, we expect, and ask you, to follow the rules of the road to keep yourself and the other cyclists safe.