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Please visit this section of the website for any updates. All routes will be confirmed on the event day.

Parry Sound has a very positive and strong cycling community, please help us keep it that way.


  • You are responsible for your own safety
  • Routes are OPEN to vehicle traffic, please obey all rules of the road, red lights and stop signs.
  • Wear a Helmet HELMETS ARE MANDATORY for all participants
  • Do not ride more than two abreast
  • The Ontario Highway Traffic Act applies equally to cyclists and motorists
  • Be courteous to motorists and other cyclists
  • Our safety is enhanced if we can minimize motorist frustration
  • Ensure your bike is tuned up and road-ready before the RIDE
  • Communicate your intention to pass other cyclists
  • Use caution on downhill sections
  • Please avoid use of cell phones and personal audio systems while cycling
  • We don’t have marshals, so are relying on you, as riders to make good, safe decisions.
  • Rain there is a chance of rain, so, if you are not 100% comfortable riding in the rain, either do the 40 km loop, or consider not riding. Again, your safety is the priority.
  • If there is a large pack of riders, the car drivers get angry and will then usually pass at high speed, in an unsafe situation, making it dangerous for everyone. So, please, take your responsibility for your own safety and those around you. There is no prize for finishing first.
  • For your safety, single file is strongly suggested. Groups should not be larger than 10-15 cyclists.
  • Don’t be a THIRD cyclist. Seriously, if you are that “third” rider, know that you are putting your own life at risk, the other riders lives at risk, and jeopardizing the future of the entire event. Please see the image below to illustrate this.