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Matching funds will turn every dollar you give today into $3 to fight Parkinson’s disease!

The neurologist knew on the very first visit. He did a nerve conduction test, asked a few questions, and diagnosed Bev on the spot. At 44, Bev had Parkinson’s disease.

Soon after her diagnosis, Bev contacted Parkinson Canada. Thanks to compassionate donors just like you, we were able to provide her with up-to-date information about treatments and research. With your help and support, Bev was able to continue living her life.

Then she met Jeff nine years after her diagnosis. He also happens to have Parkinson’s.

Jeff and Bev

For the first two years of their marriage, Jeff was more caregiver to Bev than she was to him. Bev experienced “freezing” issues, debilitating fatigue and big, crashing lows.

Then she had life-changing deep brain stimulation surgery and it made a huge difference in her symptoms. She and Jeff enjoyed a wonderful year together. Then he had a bad fall and suffered a brain injury. Now it’s Bev who takes care of him -- making sure he gets his meals and medications on time.

Overall, they take turns keeping each other strong and positive. They rely on each other for the help they need. And, they also rely on you. You’re the reason they can access the latest information and support programs. You’re the reason they have hope that the next breakthrough in Parkinson’s research could be right around the corner.

Your generosity means the world to Bev, Jeff and every person living with Parkinson’s. In these challenging times, your support is more important than ever.

Thanks to a generous donor, every dollar you give will go three times as far to fund promising Parkinson’s research and vital support services. Your gift will make three times the difference in the fight against Parkinson’s. Today, please give the most generous gift you can.

Parkinson Canada remains committed to helping you and your family live well with Parkinson’s by investing in promising research. But we urgently need your help today!

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season.