We know that our Parkinson SuperWalk Community is full of everyday heroes and we're excited to celebrate the entries to date.

See our stories below, or nominate your own hero.

Week 4 - July 25-31

Weekly Draw Winner Week 4: Vivian Heinmiller

Stephanie Bruder

"Stephanie Bruder is a young woman with Parkinson's. She is an inspiration to everyone she meets, and continues to advocate about Parkinson's, despite her hectic work schedule, and the fact she lives with Parkinson's"

Submitted by Brandi-Jo Pound

Bill Heinmiller

"He's had Parkinson's of over 20 years and is active on the Peterborough executive, has raised a lot of money for Parkinson's through tulip sales and SW, educates others about PD and stays optimistic and active."

Submitted by Vivian Heinmiller

Rita Cornell

"Rita is such an amazing person . She has had Parkinson for 14 yrs . Never once did I hear her complain about it. Why Me? and all that. Her philosophy is to continue onward in her life. She stills bakes amazing pies and is always in a positive mode."

Submitted by Jack Manson

My Wife Diana Rachlis

"My wife is the sweetest, most caring, loving person. She has been living with Parkinson's and Dystonia for 8 years and a half. She deals with very painful cramps where she can not walk or stand at times, but she always asks how her family is doing."

Submitted by Daniel Harvey

My Mother

"She is ninety four years old and always is in a great mood although she has certainly had a very hard life. I feel that she is admirable!"

Submitted by Karen Morine

Rita Cornell

"An amazing lady who worked as a nurse for many years only to have to retire due Parkinson's. This has not stopped her zest for life. Despite other life problems Rita truly embodies that when faced with lemons - make lemonade instead of complaints"

Submitted by Noni MacDonald

Weekly Draw Winner Week 3: Michael & Miranda Bekiaris

Week 3 - July 18-24

Diana Rachlis

"When my sister was told staying healthy can help with Parkinson's, she became a health dynamo! She eats healthy food, goes to the Carlingwood daily to lift weights, do the treadmill and swim, and does yoga. Her Facebook posts are my daily inspiration"

Submitted by Josh Rachlis

Blake Bell

"He is an inspiration to us all at work. As a colleague of his I am truly honored to know him. He always has a smile, on his face, a can do attitude and his spirit is unscathed."

Submitted by Tina-Louise Gouveia

Blake Bell

"Blake Bell is a co-worker of mine and he is just simply a pleasure. He continues to work with a smile on his face and a positive attitude at all times. No matter what he always puts a smile on all his co-workers faces. He is our Hero."

Submitted by Maureen Andrew

Rita Cornell

"She's had Parkinson's for over 14 years and rarely in that time complained. Though Mom is starting to slow down a bit at our recent O'Brien Family Reunion on PEI she was very active, keeping all the kids entertained with games!"

Submitted by Michaela Cornell

Walter Keitzky Sr.

"My father tirelessly looked after my mother who had Parkinson's for over 20 years."

Submitted by Walter Kritzky Jr

My Husband Garry Shyminsky

"He has had Parkinson's Disease for more than 18 years, has gone through successful Deep Brain Stimulation surgery, still needs to take meds every 2 hours for his symptoms, yet still stays positive and doesn't let the disease defeat him!"

Submitted by Cindy Shyminsky

Maureen Thun

"She is passionate about helping others with Parkinsons. Served as facilitator of Burlington support group/Superwalk and educator for GIOT program. She knows the journey as she is an early onset with Parkinsons and strives for positive attitudes"

Submitted by Marion Binns

My. Husband of 51 years Peter Ramos

"We have been married for 51 years and I have had Parkinson's for 14 of those years. He never complains, but does everything for me with love and patience. He cooks, shops, drives me for all my appointments and has even put his Real Estate career on hold"

Submitted by Dorelle Ramos

My Daughter Diana Rachlis

By Diana:When I do not feel like a super hero, I am still me.On my most painful days,when it feels like the pain will never end, I am still me. When I can walk,and it's a good Parkinson and Dystonia day, some people don't believe me. I am still me." "

Submitted by Louise Rachlis

My Son Danny

"Because he is loving,caring and brave.I have watched him go above and beyond in his quest to help humanity in his quiet ways without looking for any praise after doing great deeds for others"

Submitted by Wanda Tracey

James Pattman

"Living with Parkinson's everyday my grandfather James Pattman lives his life to the fullest and doesn't let anything hold him back from what he wants to do. My grandfather is 68 years old and is winning against Parkinson's disease"

Submitted by Brandon Pattman

Blake Bell

"Was diagnosed at an early age and has been an inspiration to many. Blake has always been very active and is a spokesperson for the local boxing/Parkinson's group in Toronto. He has raised money for the walk for a number of years. He continues to work."

Submitted by Julian Hanlon

Blake Bell

"He is not only living with Parkinson's, he is making it easier for many others like him to get on with their lives. Blake has taken up boxing which has energized his commitment to helping others find a way to stay positive and stay engaged."

Submitted by Carl Hanlon

Steve Ludzik

"Steve was diagnosed with PD 5 yrs ago & made a personal donation to open the Steve Ludzik Centre for Parkinson's Rehab at HDS which provides interprofessional care for clients diagnosed with Parkinson's. He also visits the patients on the regular!"

Submitted by Mary Jane Johnson

Blake Bell

"Blake started to take a Parkinson's boxing program and not only has he benefited health wise, he also has become a major advocate for the program and to raise funds for other people with Parkinson to get the same opportunity. He's an inspiration!"

Submitted by Claire Budziak


Louis Bekiaris

"After under going DBS surgery 3 years ago, Louis (dad) has been an inspiration in his battle against Parkinson's. Always the jokster, Louis enjoys trips to Walkerton to visit and play with his two grandchildren."

Submitted by Michael & Miranda Bekiaris

Week 2 - July 11-17

Weekly Draw Winner Week 2: Emily Mitton

My Dad, Albert Huizing

"Even though PD has completely changed my dad's daily reality, it hasn't changed his perception of the world around him. He remains full of hope as he lovingly serves others & crushes the 'limitations' the disease tries to put on him."

Submitted by Kelsey Huizing

Raymond Levac

"He is a very good volunteer for Parkinson. He has been living with this disease for many year and always has a strong and positive attitude. Him and his wife always keep informed with the latest developments."

Submitted by Henry Spyrka

My Dad, David Lee

"He never quits he never gives up ... Not just every day but every minute of every day. He's been struggling with the effects of Parkinson's for over 10 years . My mother has been right beside him every step ... Supporting, coaching. Cheerleading helps"

Submitted by Sarah Lee-Belsher

My Mom

"She is my everyday hero, because although some days are a struggle she continues to always move forward. She continues to find ways that make the days ahead brighter while continuing to seek answers, and is my best friend!"

Submitted by: Emily Mitton

Richard Damphousse

"He is struggling with Parkinsons. Every day is such a challenge. He wants to still stay at home. Very difficult!"

Submitted by: Diana Damphousse

Natasha McCarthy

"she will never give up on anyone or herself until there is nothing left she is a true inspiration to all"

Submitted by: Darlene MacSwain

Daphne Bowers

"This woman for so many years have cared for her husband, the late Harry Bowers. there is no one as kind, loving and caring as she is. She took the vows 'Til death do us part' to a whole new level."

Submitted by Jodie Matthews

Carmen Galea

"At 71 years old, Carmen Galea leaves the doors of her home open 24/7 to the children of her community. She runs a free homework help/enrichment program for students k-12. She devotes herself to our growth and loves us like her own grandchildren."

Submitted by Karina Dubrovskaya

Week 1 - July 4-10

Weekly Draw Winner Week 1: Kathleen Rupnow

My Dad

"He has been struggling with Parkinson's for 14 years. He has stayed positive and active in the community in Barrie spreading awareness & listening to others. Still raises at least $2000 for the walk every year even though he can't walk it anymore."

Submitted by Robyn Duffield

Charlene Wong

"My mom was diagnosed in her late 40's with Parkinson's, yet she works out hard every single day and is the most beautiful woman. She literally put her life on hold to raise four kids and just as she finished school to be a nutritionist she was diagnosed"

Submitted by Bernadette Henderson

Darrell Walsh

"My brother Darrell is my hero because he has been dealing with early onset Parkinson's for over 10 years and has always maintained a positive outlook on life!!! He is in a care home now at age 65(one of the youngest there) in Ontario."

Submitted by Cheryl Walsh-Ludlow

My Dad

"He is my hero because of everything he dealt with while battling Parkinson's. He tried and did what ever he could and never complained about it. Unfortunately my hero my dad passed away from this in 2012. I miss and loved him a lot."

Submitted by Ron Kuehn

John Farrell

"My dad is my hero because he has been the most amazing and inspirational father growing up for my brother and I. He has been living with Parkinson's for 10 years now, and is currently in a nursing home close to us. We love him and look up to him so much."

Submitted by Alexis Farrell

Nora Lea Arcand

"Longtime friend and a very special lady, who fights her illness."

Submitted by Linda Carter

Larry Doigvo

"It's so hard to know and see someone who was so active fight Parkinson's"

Submitted by Linda Carter

Nathan Langille

"Nathan was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson's at the age of 39 in April of 2015. He is married with three children ages 12, 8, and 5. Despite the diagnosis, he remains positive, works hard, cares for his family, and has not stopped doing anything!"

Submitted by Kathleen Rupnow

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