Pedaling for Parkinson's: Covid-19 Updates


Prince Edward County, ON: August 29
Annapolis Valley, NS: October 3
Go the Distance: Virtual Ride


So far we have raised: $75,149

Cross Canada goal for 2020: $200,000

Ride with us on the road to research impact

Pedaling for Parkinson’s is an all abilities ride with distances ranging from 40 to 120km and the option to ride on one, two or three days. Or, it's your own ride tracked on Strava in pursuit of a 100,000 kilometre goal across the country.

In 2011, longtime friends Peter and David founded a new event, “Pedaling for Parkinson’s” in Parry Sound. The inspiration was David’s father and a close friend/neighbour of Peter’s, who were both diagnosed with Parkinson’s. 20 riders participated and over $18,000 was raised each year since, the number of riders and the amount of money generated has increased. This culminated in a 2018 ride that saw nearly 350 participants raise $700,000 as part of a lifetime total of $1.7 Million.

2018 was the final year of the ride in Parry Sound. However the incredible spirit of that ride, built on a strong community of support, fundraising success and commitment to stand together in solidarity lives on in communities across the country.

P4P: Go the Distance


Don’t have a ride near you? Looking for a way to stay active while practicing social distancing? Seeking a new way to add meaning to your training routine? Great: Pedaling for Parkinson’s: Go the Distance is for you.

Ride with us as part of a nationwide movement fueling research progress. Choose a meaningful distance goal and challenge yourself to get there whether it takes one day, one week or one month.

We’re calling on everyone, everywhere in Canada. Between now and October 31st we challenge Canada to ride a total of 100,000 KMs, together. One for the person with Parkinson’s in your life, and one each for the more than 100,000 Canadians living with Parkinson’s.

Growing the Ride

Email us

We’re working on plans to grow Pedaling for Parkinson’s to communities across Canada. Looking for a ride near you? Email us your thoughts at

Specifically, we hope to bring Pedaling for Parkinson's to Alberta in 2021. Funding research has always been a focus of the ride, with a commitment to direct 100% of rider fundraising to the Parkinson Canada Research Program. With the lead centre of the Canadian Open Parkinson Network launching in Calgary this Spring, we plan to ride in Alberta to support this important new initiative.

Annapolis Valley

Learn More and Register

Pedaling for Parkinson's is coming to the Annapolis Valley on the first weekend of Fall.

Join us for a one day ride (October 3) from Wolfville toward the North Mountain taking in beautiful scenery, including views of Cape Split.

Distances range from 40 to 115km.

Details coming soon.

Note: above image is from the Parry Sound edition of this event, retired in 2018.


Since its inception, Pedaling for Parkinson's has funded 20 research projects through more than $1.9 Million in contributions to the Parkinson Canada Research Program meaning your support has a direct impact on quality of treatments and better outcomes for people living with Parkinson's.

With the success of the 2018 ride a commitment has been made to name a Grant through 2027, with rider proceeds from future years being directed to new grants.

In 2019, grants were named in honour of Don MacLean, Hartley Richardson, and through the Prince Edward County ride for the first time thanks to significant personal contributions and the support of a new community of riders.

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Note: above image is from the Parry Sound edition of this event, retired in 2018.

Our Rider's Stories

Note: left image is from the Parry Sound edition of this event, retired in 2018.

Riding gives me my freedom back. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about three years ago when I was 44. Somebody showed me a video about a guy with PD and how he could barely walk but could still ride a bike. I bought a second hand bike and gave it a go. It worked even better than I thought that it could. My mind and my body have a sense of freedom that I rarely get with just the medications. I feel like I can do anything when I am on my bike. It’s pretty incredible.
- Jim, from Ottawa

Nothing is more special than bringing together a group of people who are all fighting for the same cause. To know you're not alone is everything. Pedaling For Parkinson’s has created a community of amazing people and I feel lucky to be a part of it.
- Jon, from Toronto

With just about every rider touched by Parkinson’s in one way or another [you feel a part of something special]. The enthusiasm of young people riding in honour of friends and relatives was moving and contagious.
- 2017 first time rider in Parry Sound event

My reason for working on Parkinson’s disease is that… with recent advances in cell biology and genetics, I believe the time is right for finding a potential cure for patients. While the work my group does is challenging, it’s immensely rewarding and it really feels that for the first time we are starting to finally understand this devastating disorder after so many years, with the hope that one or more treatments will emerge from my work and others to help cure this disorder.
- Dr. Thomas Durcan, 2017
Grant Recipient

Lanny's Story

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Top 2020 Fundraisers

(Prince Edward County)

  1. Peloton Lanny Thomas - $5,200.00
  2. Peloton Personal Donation Susan Fullerton - $5,050.00
  3. Peloton Geoff Simonett - $2,675.00
  4. Peloton Personal Donation Alexandra Rombos - $2,365.00
  5. Peloton Steve Iseman - $2,170.00
  6. Peloton Jim Redmond - $2,100.00
  7. Clipped In Personal Donation Shawn Barker - $1,875.00
  8. Clipped In Naomi Visanji - $1,855.00
  9. Clipped In Personal Donation Nicholas Eisner - $1,775.00
  10. Clipped In Personal Donation Denise Eisner - $1,500.00

Top 2020 Teams

(Prince Edward County)

  1. Rigid Riders - $24,705.00
  2. Impact - $7,875.00
  3. Chain Gang Rides Again - $4,425.00
  4. Suds & Spokes - $4,175.00
  5. County Cruisers - $3,645.00
  6. SIMO's - $3,075.00
  7. Kawagama - $600.00
  8. Team Lester - $460.00
  9. Mcmalletts - $365.00
  10. Sprockets - $300.00

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