Success Your Way

Parkinson Canada is grateful for the support of all of our Community Fundraisers from coast to coast. From time to time, we'll share the story of other unique fundraising events in this space as well... if you're looking for inspiration, look no further.

Pietro Montemarano

Written on the occasion of his wife Pina's 60th birthday, Amore Amore is a song of love that has helped make a difference for Canadians living with Parkinson's. Pietro Montemarano retired as a tailor upon receiving his diagnosis in the early 2000s but has recently discovered songwriting as a creative outlet. He recorded this song and encouraged listeners to donate to Parkinson Canada - having raised more than $7,000 to date

When you have Parkinson’s your life is going to be changed, forever. You must stick to taking your pills on time, every time, and then I can do almost anything. There are times when your body slows down and that’s hard—you may feel at times like Parkinson’s stops you. You need to take care of yourself; I do a lot of walking to stay healthy. Often, you can’t project how the day will unfold, every day is very different. One thing I know is that you have to be positive, 100 percent, and don’t think about the disease. I started to write poems and that makes me forget I have Parkinson’s, it takes away the worry and the pain. I turn poems into songs and that makes me happy, it makes me forget. When I have trouble sleeping, I start to write down the words and then I feel relaxed. My hobby is writing; I never thought as a tailor I would write but it is my gift of life.

Vaughan, Ontario

Avery and Ed

In lieu of birthday presents for Avery's 11th Birthday, Avery asked friends and family to donate to Parkinson Canada in support of her Grandfather, Ed.

Watching her grandfather with Parkinson's disease has been a difficult task, to say the least. An inspirational philanthropist, Avery's kind ask has generated a $200 impact.

Toronto, Ontario


In memory of her father, Alysa and family fundraised over $2,000 in support of Parkinson Canada through the Disneyland Paris Magic Run, this past September.

“It was an awesome trip. My dad's favourite character was Goofy and right before I ran over the finish line, there he was. I told him about my dad and he gave me a hug and we ran across the finish line together. Lots of tears - it was lovely.” - Alysa

Toronto, Ontario

Rudy's Run

My father, Rudy Erfle, was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 10 years ago. Although it has caused changes to my dad's life, he always persevered through all the challenges he has been faced with. The Erfle's have decided to combine our love for running and support for Parkinson's disease and will be hosting the first annual Rudy's Run for Parkinson's on August 18th, 2018.

For event details and to make a donation, please visit:

Pointe-Claire, Quebec


My godfather experienced the challenges of living with Parkinson’s with strength and perseverance. He taught me how to fight on, no matter what. This is how Parkinson’s impacted me.

In 2016 and ’17 I took on my own challenge - crossing hot-air-ballooning and skydiving off of my bucket list. Facing fears and collecting pledges along the way. This is how I impacted Parkinson’s.

Toronto, Ontario

Lows in Motion

By the time I was born my paternal grandfather had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. I watched his disease progress throughout my childhood, only to see my father diagnosed at the young age of 48 when I was just 19. I’ve seen how Parkinson’s changes lives. And now, I’m trying to change it.

In 2008 I founded Lows in Motion, a unique and energetic “Shaker” pun intended. Our annual event provides a fun opportunity for our community to unite in the fight against Parkinson’s disease, Now in its 10th year, the event has raised more than $550,000 in an effort to change the course of Parkinson’s in Canada.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan