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Your Fundraising Toolkit

Life Lists Challenge is designed to help you live your dream. We want to make sure that dream is a truly remarkable experience for you, and we’re here to provide you with all the tools that you’ll need to get to your fundraising goal as well.

Whether you’re a first time fundraiser, or you’re familiar with the typical approach, the tools below should help make reaching your goal really straightforward.

You’ll find messaging content that you can copy and paste, customize, and share with friends; social tools; tips on organizing your own fundraising event; and helpful tidbits about Parkinson’s and our organization that you can share with your supporters.

Something missing? We’ve got your back. Check our FAQ Page, or contact us at lifelistschallenge@parkinson.ca or connect on twitter at @LifeListsPD and we’ll do everything we can to help.

Your Toolkit

  1. Scroll down the page for a full list of downloadable resources, including template posters to download and create in word

  2. 10 Steps to Successful Fundraising. More detail? Our 10 Steps explained

  3. Preformatted emails to copy/paste

  4. Social media messaging content

  5. Ideas on how to set up your Personal Page

  6. Social media headers, templates, images, etc.

  7. About Parkinson’s stats: quick facts to share with supporters

  8. Tips and Information for those looking to fundraise through events

  9. Other fundraising tips and ideas

  10. Ideas from other successful fundraisers

  11. Team Captains: How To

  12. Workplace Fundraising Ideas

Downloadable Resources

Downloadable Posters

Just download your preferred poster and fill in with text to promote your personal campaign; your own Life Lists fundraising event; or anything you like.

Click the thumbnail to download the word file.

llc-climb-poster-thumb    llc-skydive-poster-thumb    llc-zip-poster-thumb