About the revolution

Parkinson’s Revolution is an indoor cycling experience taking place February 8 and 9 that combines passion, determination and community to fuel a better life for Canadians living with Parkinson's today; a world without Parkinson's tomorrow.

We ride together on the path to a cure.

Why Spin for Parkinson's?

Stationary cycling is an activity that has proven benefits for people living with Parkinson's. Dr. Philip Millar and collaborators at the University of Guelph are currently receiving funding from the Parkinson Canada Research Program to investigate high intensity internal training and its impact on people living with Parkinson's.

Parkinson's Revolution is a unique event, with a unique opportunity to give back

Parkinson's Revolution is an international collaboration between Parkinson Canada, Parkinson Foundation (USA) and Parkinson's UK. We’ve embarked on this first ever international collaboration because we all share a commitment to a world without Parkinson’s. We know that the cure comes from collaboration, and we're proud to show that Parkinson's knows no borders.

Exercise has been shown to be a significant benefit in managing Parkinson's and spin may hold specific keys to living well. Your fundraising supports projects like this, and efforts to expand access to exercise across the country.

Supporting Meaningful Research through Parkinson's Revolution

Most people who participate in group fitness do so because they enjoy pushing through a class together, challenging themselves to exceed their limits based on their level of fitness, and pushing through the challenge alongside everyone in the room. Picture yourself pushing through that class with 40 others who share a strong commitment to a world without Parkinson's. Picture yourself riding alongside others living with Parkinson's fighting through limitations, or being reminded of someone in their life who faces the disease with determination.

About Parkinson Canada

Parkinson's is a progressive, degenerative brain disorder. It’s not just a movement disorder. It is also characterized by a number of non-motor symptoms. People living with Parkinson's share that these 'unseen' symptoms cause the biggest challenges. Parkinson's is complex. No two individuals experience it in the same way.

People living with Parkinson's face this complex challenge with dignity, and with a strength of spirit and perseverance embodied by our message: No Matter What.

25 people a day in Canada are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease By 2031 that number is projected to rise to 51.

Parkinson Canada is a national charity whose vision is of a better life today for Canadians living with Parkinson's; a world without Parkinson's tomorrow.

When you walk in Parkinson's Revolution you support Research into Parkinson's, Advocacy for better public policies and programs,

Information and Referral services accessible to anyone, anywhere in Canada, Education so that people living with Parkinson's are informed and empowered, and Support Groups so that all who need information and help receive it from those who can best provide it.

To learn more about Parkinson Canada visit us online at www.parkinson.ca.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently received questions for Parkinson's Revolution. Just click on the question text to reveal a helpful answer. Looking for more help? Just contact us at revolution@parkinson.ca or 800-565-3000.

Why do you suggest a $250 fundraising goal?

We want Parkinson's Revolution to be a successful fundraiser, and with a limited number of bikes available at each studio a $250 goal makes sure that each of our locations raises a significant amount of money for the cause.

What is the deadline to raise my minimum?

You'll have 30 days after the event to meet your minimum. We want to make sure everyone gets a chance to participate, and we've provided a number of tools to make fundraising easy. We'll contact you leading up to the event to make sure you are on track, and then you'll have 30 days after the event to tell people about how meaningful the experience was and reach your goal.

What can I expect to receive at the ride?

Each event will have some light refreshments and lots of water! Every qualified fundraiser will receive their own Parkinson's Revolution exercise shirt. We also offer a water bottle to those fundraisers who reach $500 and have some special perks reserved for our 'Front Row Club' who will lead the class after leading the fundraising charge at $1,000 or more.

What do I need to bring?

Ultimately, just yourself. If you have any cash or cheque donations you can mail those in in advance, or bring them with you on the day of the ride. We'll have a Parkinson's Revolution rider tee for everyone and SpinCo provides clip shoes in all sizes to riders, so you'll just need some comfortable workout close and a positive attitude.

Why can't I find a rider I'm looking to support?

You should be able to find any registered fundraiser from our search page. It's possible that they haven't signed up yet, or that they are participating with one of our international partner charities. You'll have to search for US and UK riders on their respective sites. Find links to those here. Still having trouble? No problem. Just contact us at revolution@parkinson.ca or 800-565-3000.

I'm supporting a rider in Canada as a US or UK donor (or vice-versa). Can I receive a relevant charitable receipt?

When you donate online, you'll receive a receipt from the charity in the country of origin for the rider you are supporting. Donors who would like to ensure they receive tax benefit in their country should contact us prior to making the gift at revolution@parkinson.ca or 800-565-3000.

Where can I sign up to volunteer for Parkinson's Revolution?

Thank you for your interest! Our volunteer needs vary by location. The easiest way to get involved is to let us know you're interested. Send us an email to revolution@parkinson.ca or call 800-565-3000, and we'll share your info with the appropriate local contact.

When do I get my Parkinson's Revolution donation receipt?

If you donated online, you should receive your tax receipt right away by email. Please check your donation confirmation message for an attachment. Cash and cheque receipts take a little while longer to process. If you mailed your donation directly, expect to recieve a receipt within 2-6 weeks of your donation. If your donation was submitted through a rider at the event, it is tracked with all the pledge forms from across Canada. We try to issue receipts as quick as possible, but because of the high volume it may be slightly longer than this window. If we can help tracking down a missing receipt for either an online or cash or cheque gift, please us know.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password by providing your username and email address on this page. Or, you can phone or email us with your username, or e-mail and we'll be happy to help you reset it.

How and where do I submit my cash and other Parkinson's Revolution donations?

Donors can mail cheques directly to Parkinson Canada. Please be sure to reference the name of the rider you want to support. Participants can bring cash and cheques with them, along with a pledge form containing complete donor information, to their local ride on event day. We encourage you to bring one cheque to cover all cash gifts. If you'd like to honour your pledges before the walk - or if you're a donor looking to support a walker - you can mail a pledge form and a cheque to Attn: Parkinson's Revolution at: Parkinson Canada, 316-4211 Yonge St., Toronto, ON, M2P 2A9

What is the minimum age to participate?

Parkinson's Revolution is targeted as an adult ride, however we have heard from several families wishing to participate together. Please connect with us directly (revolution@parkinson.ca) about registering youth riders at your location. Our partner, SPINCO has a specific youth rider policy outlined here: Use of the Site by Minors If you are under the age of majority in the province in which you are using the Site (a “Minor”), SPINCO does not accept the online registration by Minors; please do not attempt to register on the Site if you are a Minor. Registration of a Minor must be completed in person at one of our Studios with a parent or guardian. Minors who meet the minimum age requirement of twelve (12) years old, the minimum weight requirement of 110 pounds (50 kilograms), and whose parent or guardian has signed a waiver form in Studio (as described in the Rider Agreement attached as Schedule “A”), may sign up for classes online.


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