Life Lists Challenge: Skydive

May 15, 2016
Fundraising Minimum: $1,000

Specialists in First Jump Instruction through Tandem Skydiving, Southern Ontario’s Premier Skydiving Facility is set to help you live your dream this Spring!

Skydive Burnaby
11631 Burnaby Rd, Belleview Beach,
ON L0S 1V0
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See the photo gallery for more great shots of jumps in action

Please note: while your support of Parkinson Canada qualifies you to participate, your event day relationship is with the vendor: Skydive Burnaby.


Skydiving is an event that is highly contingent upon weather, and Skydive Burnaby reserves the right to cancel with limited notice. A tentative rain date of June 4 has been booked with the venue.

What are the age requirements?

  • All Tandem students at Skydive Burnaby must be at least 18 years of age (Sorry, no exceptions). Government issued Photo I.D. required.
What are the physical requirements?
  • Weight: Recommended weight is under 225lbs for men and under 200lbs for women. If your weight is over what is recommended please contact us.
  • A general level of physical fitness is also required. Skydiving will require stretching and physical maneuvering
What should I wear?
  • Comfortable, suitable clothing for the day. If it's chilly outside, dress for warmth and flexibility.
  • Remember that at the exit altitude it will be considerably cooler than on the ground. Also factor in the freefall speeds that will add even more cooling.
  • If you wear glasses or contact lenses, just mention this to your instructor and they can assist you.

More information is available via Skydive Burnaby.