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Steve and Darlene have embarked on the final leg of their journey - view detailed updates live on Steve's Facebook page (and via our Blog and Photo recaps).

The primary mission of “Sail On with Parkinson’s” is to advocate for, and create awareness of the issues facing, people living with Parkinson’s Disease (PD).

As a Parkinson Ambassador Steve Van Vlaenderen will participate in federal and provincial advocacy initiatives to help move PD issues forward. By sharing his experience as someone who lives with and has to cope with the challenges of Parkinson’s Disease every day, he hopes to inspire those living with Parkinson’s to not give up their dreams; to not let Parkinson’s define who they are.

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Our plans include:

  • Working with Parkinson Canada to create awareness of Parkinson’s Disease and the challenges faced by those living with it.
  • Encouraging volunteers to contribute their talent, stories, and relationship connections in the fight to understand Parkinson’s Disease and find a cure.
  • Working with corporations and organizations by offering tangible reasons to align their corporates goals and partner with Parkinson’s through sponsorship, special promotions, co-branding and more.
  • Continue working as a Parkinson Ambassador advocating to healthcare professionals, caregivers and politicians for the resources required to enhance the lives of those currently living with Parkinson’s and for finding a cure.

Parkinson Canada

Parkinson Canada provides support services and education to people living with Parkinson’s disease, their families, and the health care professionals who treat them. Operating since 1965, the organization advocates on issues that concern the Parkinson’s community in Canada.


A better life today for People Living with Parkinson's; a world without Parkinson's tomorrow.


Our mission is to transform the lives of People Living with Parkinson's. We do this through: Research leading to the end of Parkinson's; Advocacy bringing the voices of Parkinson's to the forefront; Support helping People Living with Parkinson's live well through education.

For support, information, and updates on developments in Parkinson's visit