Pedaling for Parkinson’s News: 2020 | 2019

This event page is for all riders across Canada hosting their own events, riding on their own as part of a larger movement, or otherwise wanting to contribute to the Pedaling for Parkinson's Research Grant through Parkinson Canada and their donors.

We encourage participants to get involved in any way that is meaningful for them, and know that in doing so they are joining riders from coast-to-coast-to-coast committed in their vision of a world without Parkinson's and joined in spirit in that journey. Some specific ways our riders are supporting us include:

  • Hosting a ride in their community and inviting others to join (i.e. 'Create a Team')
  • Joining a ride near them, including our flagship ride in Prince Edward County, Ontario
  • Creating their own route and taking on the challenge, collecting pledges along the way
  • Training and participating in organized rides throughout the country, like Grand Fondos and other series events

Your Ride, Your Way, Your Impact

Whether you’re riding indoors on your trainer, challenging yourself to a solo route, riding with a small team or hosting a community ride we’re excited to have you as part of the Pedaling for Parkinson’s family.

Your ride builds on a strong tradition of caring, community and cycling in support of those impacted by Parkinson’s. Please register as an individual or team using the links above, and be sure to share details of your ride plan during that process. Our online resources and Pedaling for Parkinson’s team are here to provide any support you need.

Thinking of starting something bigger? Awesome. Let’s talk. Email us at or call 800-565-3000.

Rider Recognition

The purpose of the event is to raise awareness about Parkinson’s disease and raise funds for research. Our most successful fundraisers have the option to sport Pedaling for Parkinson’s shirts and jerseys on their ride after hitting certain fundraising levels:

  • $500 First Level Gear Rewards Pedaling for Parkinson’s Technical Tshirt
  • $2000 Second Level Rewards - Pedaling for Parkinson's Jersey

Please note: because rides are planned for different dates and locations across the country, we request riders let us know if you’d like your shirt or jersey by a certain time. Otherwise, we’ll eagerly send you a jersey once you reach your $2,000 total.