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Our Parkinson Community Stands Together: No Matter What.

We’ve planned an exciting online experience to help you celebrate SuperWalk throughout the summer. With the expectation that we are not able to hold physical walks in every community that we’d planned to in September, we are building a “Walk in a Box” kit that will help you host a personal, family or neighbourhood SuperWalk (according to public health guidelines at the time).

One thing that is constant in the journey with Parkinson's is change. Our community walk details are unclear at this time. We know that they will be changing. One thing we are certain that won’t change is that people affected by Parkinson’s still benefit from support, education, advocacy and guidance on how to navigate Parkinson’s, and research to one day prevent it.

Here’s what you can expect from SuperWalk this year (view the full detailed schedule, with prizes, challenges and more):

Overall Goal

  • We know that staying active is the key to living well with Parkinson's and to a healthy lifestyle generally. This summer, we're launching Parkinson Canada SuperWalk: The Movement, with a goal of encouraging 150 minutes of activity in whatever form that takes for you. Throughout the summer, we'll be launching specific challenges with new activity resources to support this goal.


  • A predictive exercise challenge. Predict a time or set a goal: how long will it take to walk a KM? How many pushups in a set? Or simply, how long it takes to dust the house!


  • The chance to dance. We’ve partnered with Canada’s National Ballet School to bring you dance-based exercises and choreography routines that families and supporters of all ages can learn together.


  • Live and recorded exercise classes to support your 150 minutes of exercise. Our SuperWalk team member Lance Letain has been offering three 50 minute classes per week for Seniors, we have PWR moves recordings available, and we'll share unique ideas for all levels of fitness. Dive in to whatever works best for you.


  • A 100,000 step challenge for 100,000 Canadians living with Parkinson’s.


  • A unified, live national opening ceremony on Saturday, September 12 and emailed to all participants (with some exciting special guests).
  • Tools and opportunities to engage collectively with your local walk on the day of your event.
  • The same collective impact across the country.
  • Local experiences, fostering the same sense of community we do every year, relevant to the local public health context.


Details coming soon