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2017 Event Highlight Video

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Pedaling for Parkinson's is building an amazing legacy for funding innovative Parkinson's research, here is a short video profiling Dr. Joel Watts. Joel is the recipient of the Pedaling for Parkinson's, New Investigator Award.

We have prepared two versions of the video for your use. The first is of course the full video with our brand graphics and the musical track. And the second is a supperless master, a watermarked version of the video without the end title graphics and without the musical score. So your team has some options in post-production.

Dr. Watt's work promises to shed new light on the way in which a key protein spreads through the brain of someone with Parkinson’s disease, as well as revealing possible therapeutic targets for stopping that spread.

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Dr. Joel Watts: Full Video
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Dr. Joel Watts: Superless
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