Event Ideas

The truth is, there is no one event that is best for you to run. Supporters have hosted a range of events in recent years from bake sales, to jazz concerts, to paintball tournaments. Choose what works for you. Are you performing a physical challenge in the coming months (running your first 10k, performing an endurance race or climbing a mountain)? That may be a great way to inspire others to support you, as you support Parkinson Society Central & Northern Ontario. What matters is finding something that is meaningful to you, and to your supporters while knowing that you are making a difference.

With that said, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Jeans Day at Work

Everyone loves casual Fridays. Try turning other days into dress down days at your place of work and ask for donations to your event as a price to join in.

Cook Off

Ask some proud ‘chefs’ in your life to prepare their most famous dish. Then have friends and family make a donation for the opportunity to taste each recipe and select a winner!

Movie Night

Host a movie night for your friends and family, with proceeds going to Parkinson Society Canada. Invite a group over to enjoy a new release or classic favourite. Make some popcorn, offer some candy and choice of beverages and charge for the price of admission in support of Parkinson Society Canada.

Book / Movie / Garage Sales

Gather up your old movies and items cluttering up your own and sell them in support of Parkinson Society Canada. You’ve cleaned your home AND supported a good cause!

Golf Event

Hold a Golf event in support of Parkinson Society Canada. Try organizing a golf tournament.

Walk / Run / Bike

Join an official athletic event and raise money to support Parkinson Society Canada at the same time! You can also host your own run or ride in your community.

Do you have a great fundraising idea? Let us know, or Get Started now!