Your fundraising efforts make a difference

Parkinson Society Central & Northern Ontario (PSCNO) prides itself on its ability to make an impact in the lives of people living with Parkinson's within its Region and throughout Canada. It works to achieve its vision is of a better life and a brighter future for Canadians living with Parkinson's today; a world without Parkinson's tomorrow through its four pillars for support services, education, advocacy and research.

Through those pillars, Parkinson Society supports pressing needs on behalf people living with Parkinson's. From the moment that anyone, anywhere is diagnosed with Parkinson's we are there as a source of support, a voice of encouragement, and a tireless advocate. That need is growing significantly. By 2031, the number of people over 60 living with Parkinson's in Canada is set to double. With your support, Parkinson Society will be there to meet the needs of current and future generations of Canadians living with Parkinson's. (Statistics from the National Population Health Study; click for more details).

PSCNO prides itself on being a responsible steward of donor dollars (view information on our annual report and audited financial statements).Learn more about what we're doing to help in our 2013 Community Impact Report. For specific details about the impact of Community Fundraising Events, view our Community Fundraising Impact Guide.

Community fundraising events are a big part of our success. The ability of individuals like yourselves to make an impact - not just in terms of fundraising, but also in terms of community awareness of Parkinson's - cannot be understated. We've had some very successful fundraisers support us in recent years (learn more about our Team Parkinson fundraisers circle).Join us as we work toward our vision. Hosting your own fundraiser can be a fun and rewarding experience, too. Just ask our supporters:

Fundraiser Testimonials

Peter Istvan, Parry Sound, Co-Founder: Pedaling for Parkinson's

My good friend, Dave, and I started this ride simply to help two special people that we knew that had Parkinson’s. We contacted the Parkinson Society Central & Northern Ontario, and after a few emails, we were in position to raise some money for Parkinson’s by setting up a third party, community event.

Since 2011, fundraising for Pedaling for Parkinson’s has been an incredible journey and the Parkinson Society has been a critical partner as we continue to raise money to help make a difference in the lives of people and families affected by Parkinson’s. We're thankful for their support, and their impact.

Bill Sloan, Toronto

Those that know me can attest to the fact that I need my exercising routine. I run, do yoga, swim and lift weights weekly. Exercise is so important, especially for those with a neurological condition. A runner of nine marathons I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2008. Last year I raised $1,500 for Parkinson's by running the Sporting Life 10k run on Mother’s Day.

For avid runners, the Sporting Life 10k race is an easy run [mostly downhill] which makes it ideal for first-time runners or even avid walkers. There are many participants and well as spectators which help to motivate you while on your way

In addition to Parkinson SuperWalk in September it is an excellent way to raise funds and bring awareness to the Parkinson’s cause. This can also be an emotionally as well as physical rewarding way to help the Parkinson Society raise funds for services and research for those of us who are family and/or friends of those inflicted with this disease or those of us dealing with the challenges of this disorder daily.

Parkinson Society Central & Northern Ontario makes it very easy to set up your event online. All you need to do is provide Jon details of your event, a short description of the reason why you are running and perhaps a photo to be shown to individuals who wish to sponsor you.

Those who wish to donate can access a direct link to your event positing in the Parkinson’s website. You can access your personal website and change particulars such as the goal for the amount of money you wish to raise as well as checking out the amount of funds you have raised so far! I had a lot of fun doing it, and invite you to join me in making a difference!

Bill (Renegade) Sloan