Thank you. $680,000+ in 2018
As part of nearly $2 Million lifetime

The final Pedaling for Parkinson's in Parry Sound is now complete.
Parkinson Canada is currently engaged in discussions about a ride in 2019. If you are interested in staying in touch, or perhaps hosting a ride, share your info via the "Keep in touch" button.




So far we have raised: $688,602.25

Our goal for 2018: $500,000

In 2011, longtime friends Peter and David founded a new event, “Pedaling for Parkinson’s”, to raise awareness and research funds for Parkinson’s. The inspiration was David’s father and a close friend/neighbour of Peter’s, who were both diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Over three days, cyclists pedaled over 100,000 pedal strokes: 1 pedal stroke for each Canadian diagnosed with Parkinson’s. 20 riders participated and over $18,000 was raised.

Each year since, the number of riders and the amount of money generated has increased.

In 2017, more than 280 riders participated generating over $325,000. This gave Pedaling for Parkinson's the distinction of being the first community fundraising event in Canada to raise over $1 Million for Parkinson Canada.

This year’s event takes place July 13-15 in Parry Sound, and we’ve set an ambitious goal of $500,000. 2018 marks the last year for Pedaling for Parkinson’s in Parry Sound, and Peter, David, their families and a host of dedicated volunteers need your support as they look to celebrate a combined $1.5 Million dollars in lifetime impact.

Parkinson Canada has committed to continue the Pedaling for Parkinson’s Research Grant for 10 years in acknowledgement of this goal, and will be exploring opportunities to further support the spirit of friendship, community spirit and impact through cycling that has made this event so successful.

We hope you will join us in sending Pedaling for Parkinson’s in Parry Sound out with a bang, and in continuing its legacy of making a difference in the lives of people and families affected by Parkinson’s.


Since its inception, Pedaling for Parkinson's has funded 12 research projects through more than $1 Million in contributions to the Parkinson Canada Research program.

Funds raised by riders support Pedaling for Parkinson's named grants through this program, meaning your support has a direct impact on quality of treatments and better outcomes for people living with Parkinson's.

The most recent breakthrough from a funded researcher includes a new theory from Dr. Scott Ryan on why nerve cells die in Parkinson's, and how we may be able to intervene.

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Our Rider's Stories

Riding gives me my freedom back. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about a year and a half ago when I was 44. Somebody showed me a video about a guy with PD and how he could barely walk but could still ride a bike. I bought a second hand bike and gave it a go. It worked even better than I thought that it could. My mind and my body have a sense of freedom that I rarely get with just the medications. I feel like I can do anything when I am on my bike. It’s pretty incredible.
- Jim, from Ottawa

Thanks to you guys and your families for putting together such an inspiring event. Seriously, we all has such a wonderful time and feel even more so motivated in our work as a result! It was wonderful to meet you.
- Naomi, from Toronto
(Rider and Researcher)

This event is so well organized - I go in a fair number of races, but, I'm impressed with everything about this event from the level of organization to the impact. A great ride!
- Nancy, from Sudbury

My reason for working on Parkinson’s disease is that… with recent advances in cell biology and genetics, I believe the time is right for finding a potential cure for patients. While the work my group does is challenging, it’s immensely rewarding and it really feels that for the first time we are starting to finally understand this devastating disorder after so many years, with the hope that one or more treatments will emerge from my work and others to help cure this disorder.
- Dr. Thomas Durcan, 2017
Grant Recipient

Top 2018 Fundraisers

  1. Hammerfest Personal Donation Jeff Parr - $63,080.00
  2. Hammerfest Personal Donation Michael Morse - $52,200.00
  3. Hammerfest Personal Donation David Newall - $10,520.00
  4. Hammerfest Robert Bossin - $10,162.00
  5. Hammerfest Personal Donation Peter Istvan - $7,670.12
  6. Hammerfest Dominique Kyle - $6,800.00
  7. Hammerfest Personal Donation Ian Scott - $6,723.45
  8. Hammerfest Personal Donation Claudio Gambetti - $6,250.00
  9. Hammerfest Evi Donevan - $6,120.00
  10. Hammerfest Brad Abbott - $4,545.00

Top 2018 Teams

  1. Team Paff - $152,170.00
  2. Team Chocolate Chip Cookies - $56,395.00
  3. Bannister Bikers - $53,955.00
  4. Pearl's Pedalers - $10,502.00
  5. Dominique Kyle - $10,300.00
  6. Blue Ribbon Dairy - $9,345.00
  7. Doug's Friends and Family - $7,821.00
  8. Team Watermark - $7,788.00
  9. Donevan - $6,490.00
  10. Team Ottawa - $6,038.20
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